"Oh La La" Land

Have you ever felt like some places make you feel like a completely different person? For me, it’s the sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of Paris that tease out my Parisian alter ego.

Whenever I visit Paris, I feel like it’s a recurring dream. Maybe it’s the stunning architecture, the intense scents of genuine baked goods drifting out of windows and into our nostrils, the wealth of world-class art museums (and numerous things to do in Paris) to fulfill your aesthetic cravings. Or is it simply the cacophony of French voices as locals mingle on the sidewalk terraces of old world cafes?

City of lights, city of sights

As Paris is one of the most-visited destinations in the world, one would think that it would be an overly-touristy, commercial and impersonal experience visiting the French capital. For me, it’s anything but those things. In fact, I not only enjoy being in Paris, but the city makes me feel like I’m a completely different human being.

Dress up, fall in love (or out of it!)

While I like getting dressed up, I’m not the kind of person who has an obsession with fashion or who dresses up for every occasion. Paying a visit to the French capital is almost like being invited to an elegant cocktail party, where you want to make an excellent first impression. You put on your most chic-yet-comfy clothing, coiffe your hair neatly and take a few luxurious pulls from an elegant bottle of perfume. Put on a little attitude and, voila, it’s your city – you’re in the club!

And, if you’re able, be sure to bring your significant other to the “City of Lights,” where your love will likely be illuminated, rekindled, or go up in flames completely. Maybe Paris should be called the “City of Love,” because the city also exerts its divine influences upon my guy, whose best aspects show up to match my Parisian alter ego.

Out with the diet, in with drama

Paris is also about hunger, a place that gives the permission for us to enjoy ourselves. Whenever I’m visiting, my diet goes out the window. I simply can’t say no to the carbohydrate wonders of the French baguette, or the extravagant delights of the patisseries, like the decadent custard that squirts from a Mille-feuille.

The cityscapes of Paris are all so familiar (and photogenic), most likely because we’ve seen so many films that take place there. Whether it be An American in Paris, The Red Balloon, Ratatouille, or my favorite, Amelie, I get the feeling that, somehow, “I’ve been here before, haven’t I?”

Am I the star of this film? Yes and no, I tell myself, as I remember that I’m just having another Parisian dream.

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