Looking back at my trips from recent years, some memories pop into my head straight away. These are for sure my happiest travel moments, which all share one thing: the locals involved who made these experiences stand out. They encouraged me to stray from the beaten path, showing me the most unique and intriguing aspects of the place that would otherwise go unnoticed for a tourist.


So what is Be My Guides about?

Taking all this into consideration, I have created Be My Guides so that I can write about lesser-known spots and tell stories about the places I visit – similar to those that made my previous trips an outstanding experience.

This is why I need you, locals, to share your knowledge and insider recommendations about your home! I want to discover what it’s all about. It’s not just about saying hi. I hope that you’ll tell me what to see in your city/country and why – and where/what to eat, drink, watch out for, listen to, avoid, remember, ask for, search for, find, discover, etc.

If you’re like me, I bet your mind is awash in flashes of your city/country and you are already thinking about what to recommend – so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me by filling out the form below!